Quarterly Report: Maryland Terrapins Football Early Grades

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The Maryland Terrapins are officially a quarter of the way through the 2014 college football season, and at 2-1, it could certainly be worse. One big win against James Madison, a close road victory against South Florida, and a three-point loss against West Virginia have gotten the Terps where they are now.

So are we satisfied with the performances? Kind of. In many ways Maryland should be pretty happy about being 2-1. But the manner in which they’ve played the last two games has been a little frustrating. The season is early, but let’s break it down. Offense up first, then defense.

Editor’s note: To provide a fair standard, all stats used were provided by CFBStats.com. They are up to date for every team heading into the fourth week of the season, which at the time of publication was more than other sites.