Quarterly Report: Maryland Terrapins Football Early Grades

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The Offense

Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

On paper, the Maryland Terrapins offensively as a team look like one of the more acceptable units in the NCAA. They’re 43rd nationally in points per game at 37.7 (right behind LSU and Oklahoma State but ahead of teams like Florida State and Notre Dame), their 14 total touchdowns have them tied for 28th with a boatload of teams, and in plays of 10 or more yards from the line of scrimmage, they’re around the 40-50 range.

But there are a lot of questions about this offense in spite of all that. The offense is 116th out of 126 teams in turnovers at eight (the results of a six turnover game in South Florida), they’re 58th nationally in 3rd down conversions at 44.68%, in the bottom half of CFB teams in red zone conversion percentage and attempts, and their average of 21 first downs per game have them at 81st nationally. For a team with all kinds of firepower on offense, the numbers show that serious problems exist with this unit.

Obviously, this starts with QB…