MJ Stewart is labeled as an ATH, but he is slated to play CB/S in college. He is a 3-sta..."/> MJ Stewart is labeled as an ATH, but he is slated to play CB/S in college. He is a 3-sta..."/>

Nike SPARQ Q&A: MJ Stewart


MJ Stewart is labeled as an ATH, but he is slated to play CB/S in college. He is a 3-star recruit, but has the skills and athleticism to get his forth star when it’s all said and done. He is from Yorktown, VA, and he holds offers from a lot of regional schools like Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, WVU, among others. Stewart took the time to talk to TerrapinStationMD following his performance at the Nike SPARQ training camp:

TSMD: How do you feel about your performance today?

Stewart: It was ok, I could’ve done a lot better. But overall I think I did ok. You know the guys I went up against last year were some of the top WR’s in the country last year and I didn’t let them catch the ball (laughs) and that was a big thing for me. It let them know that I can play with the best of them.

TSMD: How’s the recruiting process playing out for you so far?

Stewart: The recruiting process is going good, it’s slowed down a little bit but I know that April 15th was the first day that coaches can call you and everything, and people that I’ve talked to who have already been through the process are telling me that it’s really gonna get real busy.

TSMD: At this point in the recruiting process, which schools are standing out to you?

Stewart: There really aren’t any favorites right now. When I decide, I mean, you know how it is. I’ll say there are no favorites on Tuesday, and then I’ll end up deciding on Wednesday (laughs).

TSMD: When do you plan on deciding which college to attend?

Stewart: I wanna decide in the summer before my senior year.

TSMD: What are your thoughts on Maryland?

Stewart: [Coach Edsall and coach Locksley] are definitely turning the program around. They’re getting a lot of DMV recruits, and I’ve been told that the DMV is one of the top recruiting areas in the country. So you know, just bringing all that talent to Maryland is really gonna turn them around. And with them going into the Big Ten, that’s a real good look for them. I think there’s a lot more bigger teams than the ACC. Not saying ACC teams aren’t big (laughs), but you know Big Ten is pound-it-down-your-throat kind of football, and I think that’s a real good look [for Maryland].

MJ Stewart has great size and athleticism for both CB and S. I feel that Stewart is flying a little under the radar at this point, and will be a great pickup for whoever he picks as his college destination. Maryland has positioned themselves well with Stewart, and I feel that when it is all said and done, Stewart could very well end up being a Terp.

We’d like to thank MJ Stewart for talking with TerrapinStationMD and look forward to speaking with him again in the future!