Nike SPARQ Q&A: Damian Prince


Damian Prince is one of the top Offensive Linemen in the country and a surefire 4-5 star recruit. He holds offers from the majority of top programs in the country like Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, FSU, Auburn, among others. But Maryland was one of the first schools to offer Prince, and his presence has been consistent in College Park. Prince took the time to talk to TerrapinStationMD following his performance at the Nike SPARQ training camp:

TSMD: How do you feel about your performance [at the Nike SPARQ camp]?

Prince: I did ok, had a little cramping going on in between one-on-ones, but I feel like I performed well.

TSMD: How is the recruiting process playing out for you?

Prince: The recruiting process, you know It’s going good, it’s pretty much taking care of itself once I handle everything in the classroom. But recruiting is going well, I’m in touch with all the schools that I’m leaning towards and stuff.

TSMD: Are there any particular schools that stand out to you as of right now?

Prince: Not as of right now, I’ll try and get [it down to about] 8-10 schools before the season starts.

TSMD: How does Maryland fit in to the recruiting process?

Prince: Maryland is looking good, I’ve been out to Maryland I think about 3 times in the last month. I went to practice, the [Spring] Game, and I was there before hand. But it’s going good, now that I’m a rising senior I’m starting to really get the gist of everything that the coaching staff is trying to do.

Damian Prince will be a tough catch for the Terps, but I feel that Maryland will be there when he announces his top 8-10 schools before his senior season. The Terps do have a legitimate shot at landing Prince, but Maryland will be going up against the big boys. Do not count out Rutgers as a true player for Prince’s services either.

We’d like to thank Damian Prince for talking with TerrapinStationMD and look forward to speaking with him again in the future!