Chip Kelly to Maryland: Is it crazy?


Let us all honestly sit down and take a look at this: a scenario involving Chip Kelly potentially coming to Maryland. Is it really that crazy? Only a few things would have to happen for this “dream” to come true for Maryland fans.

Edsall continues the path of losing 

Phase one is just about complete. Reports from InsideMDSports have cited that Maryland plans to drop coach Randy Edsall, possibly after this weekend’s game against Ohio State. This path continues Saturday against the top-ranked Buckeyes in Columbus. What do we think is going to happen?

Maryland will most likely fall on Saturday, and it will not be pretty. Of course, anything is possible, but the instability at the quarterback position is enough to make any Maryland fan nervous about the matchup. Edsall has been quoted as saying he doesn’t “read anything… see anything”, but how can you possibly not read a single thing about your job being taken from you? How could you not ask your boss about what these reports are about and if there is substance to them? Either way, this season is lost, and Edsall has a huge ship to turn around. That remains an unlikely task for the former Connecticut coach.

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles

In 2015, the Eagles have had so many questions swirling. This offseason had so much drama with Kelly making an abundance of personnel changes. He began the offseason by trading star running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for one of his former star pupils in Kiko Alonso. Alonso had a strong season opener against the Atlanta Falcons, but the former Oregon Duck has been sidelined with another knee injury.

On the gridiron, Kelly hasn’t backed his bold moves. The Eagles are currently 1-3, and things aren’t really looking up. Most recently, their defense folded to the Washington Redskins, allowing a 90-yard game winning drive to quarterback Kirk Cousins. The NFL is a tad more forgiving than the NCAA when it comes to coaching, so it makes sense if Kelly stays the rest of this season. Assuming Kelly is let go, it doesn’t seem that there are many places looking for a coach, and very few could have what Maryland has to offer.

Kevin Plank and Under Armour

Kevin Plank and Under Armour could save the program yet again. When it comes to funding for Maryland athletics in the last decade, Plank has relentlessly proved that he will drop whatever is deemed necessary for the program to have success.

Yearly uniform upgrades to be in the national light? Done. $155 million Football/research facility to replace the memory-filled Cole Field House? Done. Give up whatever is needed to bring the “dream” head coach of college football to College Park? Not a stretch. What Plank would have to give up or is willing to is unknown and may never be known, but we have to assume he will do what he can. If there is a way that he can bring a man like Kelly to resurrect this football program, he will find it.

But what about Recruiting?

Let the recruits speak for themselves.

These kids would have their dreams fulfilled if their state university had the king of college football as a head coach. Offensive coordinator and recruiting guru Mike Locksley is the reason most of them are coming, not Edsall. Whether it is Kelly or someone else, we know Maryland will go as big as they can, and that can’t hurt the pride these kids have. #Dematha2UMD has been a trending topic between current Dematha commits to Maryland and their peers have hopped in.

Four-star wide receiver Tino Ellis showed his passion on Twitter.

This isn’t necessarily something that Edsall makes or breaks, and it definitely won’t hurt having one of the best coaches of the decade steering the ship.

Let’s sum it up

Maryland tanks the season, the Eagles can’t pull up the sinking ship, and Plank helps the athletic department finish the job. Does it seem all that far-fetched? Now that is a ton of steps and would cost a large chunk of change, but if there is a more likely scenario, I don’t see it out on the table. Unless a huge program drops their coach for Kelly or Oregon, a trip down I-95 might not seem too unrealistic.

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