Terrapin Takes 1/14: Maryland And Rutgers, Stefon Diggs

  • Jared Nickens isn’t one of the best freshmen in the country right now or really even on any major analysts’ radar. That doesn’t mean he isn’t still confident in himself, and it definitely doesn’t change the fact that Coach Turgeon and the rest of his teammates also hold him in high regard. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Richaud Pack represents yet another sneaky pickup by Coach Turgeon on the transfer market, and he’s really doing a great job of finding diamonds in the rough during the offseason. Pack is a character guy, a scorer, and a more importantly a natural leader who wants to do anything to help the team win. (Carroll County Times)
  • Rtgr against Maryland preview over at SI.com
  • It’s no news anymore that Stefon Diggs, the Terps stud wide receiver, has decided to forgo his senior season in favor of the NFL draft. Where he goes, however, will end up being news. According to one former NFL scout, he’s destined for the third or fourth round. whoever grabs him there is going to be getting an absolute steal, because he’s got some big play potential in a few different parts of the game. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Future Terp Adam McLean weighs in on the guy we just mentioned plus a few other things in an interview over at TestudoTimes.com. This kid is going to be a stud, and he seems to already be getting the stay home movement thing. The sooner he starts flipping recruits, the better.
  • The Big Ten was in a lot of bowl games this year, but unfortunately some of the “newer” members won’t be seeing a whole lot of that cash — namely Maryland, Rutgers, and Nebraska. The rich get richer I guess, but in this instance the poor get richer too, just not any time soon. (NJ.com)
  • Finally, I really don’t want Rutgers as a rival