Terrapin Takes, 9/22: Terps Rise In Rankings, Golf Pants

  • In spite of being 3-1 heading into their first season of Big Ten conference play, the Terrapins are still not really respected by most analysts/bloggers/media members from conference elite. Big Red Report on the Scout Network has the Terps placed firmly among teams that won’t be contending. It’s unfortunate, but this scenario mirrors the one the Terps faced in the ACC: until you prove otherwise, you’re always going to be looked at as an also-ran. Maryland needs to make statements all year to command early respect, and that’s fair.
  • Similarly, Tom Dienert of the Big Ten Network feels the Terps are right in that muddled middle group in his power rankings. And again, it’s hard to argue.
  • He will likely win a lot more Defensive Player of the Week awards during his career, but he got his first one over the weekend. Personally, I will likely hope he will likely win more because there will likely be more puns that concern his name until I will likely be told that these need to stop. (Baltimore Sun)
  • The offensive side of the ball has had a ton of injury woes during the Edsall regime, but the defensive side of the ball has just had standard maladies that all teams face. This year, though, the defense is truly being tested more than any other unit. They’ve already lost a lot for the season, but now they’re going to have to live without Quinton Jefferson, one of their best pass rushers. The depth will be tested big time. (NBCSPORTS)
  • Indiana is officially a favorite over the Terps, but not by a ton. And the number that Vegas has set it at shows pretty clearly that they have no idea who’s going to win that game either. (Baltimore Sun)
  • TestudoTimes.com hands out their game balls from the Syracuse affair. Spot on.
  • TT also shows off some absurdly Maryland-oriented golf pants. Seriously, no one should buy those.