Testudo Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before


Testudo is known for a being a fun-loving turtle that appears at Maryland athletic events. Now even Terps fans may be fearing this turtle. (Mandatory Credit: Maryland Athletics video)

Maryland’s mascot Testudo has been synonymous with the university as long as anyone can remember. However, he’s looking a tad different nowadays.

In a football hype video posted by Maryland Athletics, Testudo is looking downright scary, and maybe has hit the gym a little too much.

Obviously, the actual Testudo will remain unchanged. But this CGI version of everybody’s favorite turtle is a little bit scary. It fits with Under Armour’s message of “We Must Protect This House.” However, it may be a little too mean for most people.

The reception hasn’t been good. Many national media outlets are mocking Maryland for using this jacked version of Testudo in the video. The main purpose of the video is to bring excitement to this year’s football team.

It definitely accomplishes that goal with images of C.J. Brown, Stefon Diggs, and an abundance of Maryland state flags. It also has the potential to get Terps fans excited about the season, and that’s obviously the goal.

It may be a little strange, but the Testudo we all know and love isn’t going anywhere.