Big Ten Power Rankings: Newcomers Look Decent

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Jim Delany thinking of axing you guys. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Not-So-Big Ten

11.) Minnesota (1-0)

Eastern Illinois scored 20 on the Gophers, but they forced three turnovers on defense.

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12.) Illinois (1-0)

Wes Lunt threw for four touchdowns against Youngstown State, but it was against Youngstown State so he should have thrown six. Also, his team struggled.

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13.) Purdue (1-0)

Sure you won and scored 43 points, but is letting Western Michigan score 31 against you really winning?

Next Week: Central Michigan

14.) Northwestern (0-1)

You lost to a team that has won four games in the past two years (two of which came against Southern Utah and Portland State). Thanks for making the Big Ten look bad.

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