Xfinity Center Just Got An Awesome New Jumbotron


Comcast Center, where the Maryland Terrapins basketball teams waged their battles, was already considered one of the pinnacle arenas in college hoops today. It looks with the name change to the Xfinity Center, the Terrapins want their arena to become the mecca of basketball.

Maryland’s Twitter account released photos today about some new additions to Xfinity and probably upended more than a few chairs in cubicles today:

Wow. Just wow. It’s hard to really contain my excitement for this one. Those new jumbotrons are absolutely state-of-the-art and bonkers. Maryland’s decided they want to make an impression on the Big Ten, and they’re doing it with a giant sledgehammer forged in Testudo’s dungeon deep in the the depths of the Comcast customer service department.

And just for good measure, UMTerps has provided us with some before and after shots that really emphasize the change that was made:

If this doesn’t cement Maryland’s status as a basketball school, then you’re looking in the wrong places. Comcast was already a top-50 capacity arena, but even I’ll admit that their jumbotron was at least mildly outdated. Sure, it was nice, but the screen was a little granulated and didn’t fit the sheer size of the arena that well (it had fewer pixels per inch than my old Nokia brick phone). This screen does things the only way the new era should do things from now on: it makes everything bigger.

Probably the best part about all this was pointed out by one of our followers:

It helps that Maryland has a nice national championship sitting in Xfinity to showcase off all this new stuff, and we’re hoping the athletic department give us more than a little teaser so we can update this one for you guys. Get excited for the new era!

Update: Just as we publish, Maryland gives us a view from a nearby section:

Update 2: Maryland forward Evan Smotrycz gives us his reaction: