Terps Football Fan Appreciation Day: 5 Things To Watch For

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5.) Jacquille Veii at receiver

Maryland’s sophomore running back-turned-receiver Jacquille Veii has been getting some glowing reviews from the coaching staff since he was asked to change positions earlier this week. It’s always a guessing game as to whether a player can easily step into a new role on short notice, but Veii appears to have no problem being a jack-of-all-trades type for Maryland. During Tuesday’s practice (only his second as a receiver) he had three catches, one of which went for a 20-yard gain while the other was a pretty sliding catch.

We already knew Veii was quick, but he appears to be a natural route runner for the Terps. Maryland has a lot of guys with straight ahead speed, but adding a shifty Darren Sproles-type back like Veii gives the Terps a wrinkle on offense they haven’t necessarily had before now. Keep an eye on him this weekend and expect to come away impressed with his subtle impressions on the game.