Sneak Peek At New Xfinity Center Logos, Byrd Scoreboard


Maryland’s basketball and football programs are doing some offseason renovations to accommodate some of the major changes that have transpired this summer. There’s obviously the whole move to the Big Ten that requires stripping the remnants of the relationship off the fields and courts; there’s also the renaming of Comcast Center to Xfinity Center; and new additions to Byrd Stadium coming your way.

TSMD was sent some of those pictures today and we’re going to be sharing them with you. First up, some before and after shots of that memorable Comcast sign.



It’s pretty jarring seeing the old logo missing, but them’s the bends as they say. Now for the new Xfinity logo outside of Gate C:

If we’re being completely honest here, the overall design language of Xfinity Center just looks better than the old Comcast logo. It’s a bit more sleek and minimalistic, rather than the odd, tri-toned look from the old logo.

Maryland also made some changes on the inside of Xfinity as well, stripping the court of its Comcast and ACC emblems once and for all.



As you can see at the bottom left and top right corners, Maryland’s added that familiar Xfinity logo. But what stands out the most is that yellow and white Big Ten (B1G) logo directly below the free throw line where the ACC logo used to sit. Presumably the yellow bordering indicates they’re going with white font for the B1G (same as the ACC), but right now it looks really odd.

Finally, Maryland added a new scoreboard on Tyser Tower and another in the upper section. Here’s one shot:

Now here’s the other:

Good stuff, really. It’s this writer’s opinion that the Xfinity logo actually looks good and may even be an improvement on both the older logo and the stigma that the old logo entailed. Who knows, maybe folks will forget about Comcast altogether. The scoreboards just make the stadium look modern and even better.

Hat tip to @Art_B1G_Terp