Ranking The Big Ten Secondaries

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These rankings are probably wrong. They’re subjective, you’re allowed to disagree with them, and I’m allowed to tell you your opinion is invalid.

Michigan State is the most certain bunch of this group, but there are a lot of potential units throughout the Big Ten that could step up and become a dominant group. The other Michigan school happens to field a very talented group as well with freshmen who can contribute right away, while Maryland starts their frosh year as a sound group.

But as a newcomer in the Big Ten you notice one thing in comparison to the ACC — some teams really don’t place a ton of emphasis on the secondary. The ACC pumps out skill position players, and while the Big Ten has plenty of good players, their secondaries are lacking. As I did research on some of these schools I was surprised as heck (Iowa is traditionally solid in the secondary) and appalled (Ohio State is decidedly ‘meh’ for their talent), but here goes nothing.