Randy Edsall’s been giving the Maryland Terrapins a good deal of exposure this summer to bang the drums of war in preparation for their move to the Big Ten. He’s taken the high road with James Franklin; he’s hosted major recruiting events usually only held by powerhouses; he’s also done his job taking digs at the ACC

Speaking at an event on July 10th hosted by Pressbox Baltimore, Edsall talked about how pumped he was to be bailing on the ACC in favor of the Big Ten (in case you didn’t already know his sentiments on the subject):

"“As a football coach I feel better because you know, I mean I’m going to a football conference. I’m not in a basketball conference anymore you know?”"

OH SNAP! Randy went in on the ACC, son! Okay, so maybe it’s not as bad as the headline, but that’s still a knock on a conference that pumped out the latest Heisman quarterback, a national championship, and an Orange Bowl victory over Ohio State. Granted, those are only two teams, but the ACC may not be so weak anymore.

Or, if we’re being honest, the ACC is a top-heavy underachieving cast of characters. The Big Ten has Wisconsin, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan, and Ohio State. Top to bottom the conference is considerably more dangerous than the ACC in football. Edsall digresses on that departure:

"“I was ecstatic when I was told that there was we had an opportunity to go to the Big Ten. I just told Kevin Anderson, I said if you don’t take it they should fire you."

"With all due respect, but you’re in a conference with Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, you know those teams. I mean yeah we’ve got work to do, but if you’re a competitor that’s what you want. And that’s what our players are working our tails off — to be able to prove people wrong. Because there are some people who don’t think we can compete, that we can win.”"

Edsall’s got a point. The Big Ten is a football conference (and, really, a basketball powerhouse too); the ACC is way better known for hoops. It’s not that controversial. Edsall does go on to talk about Maryland’s commitment to better facilities to keep up with the other Big Ten schools, so give it a listen above if you’re interested. Nice one, Rangoon.