Five Toughest Games On Maryland Football’s Schedule

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5.) Michigan

Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Why this could be a loss:

Michigan isn’t necessarily the toughest opponent, per se, but there are a combination of factors that cause this game to give off a putrid odor. The Terrapins will be coming off a brutal game against Michigan State the week prior, (a team that is notorious for being dirty) and will have to travel all the way to Ann Arbor in a week. Ann Arbor in late November? Not forgiving.

Michigan may be one of the few teams with the requisite secondary talent to shut down Maryland’s receivers consistently, with Ray Taylor and Blake Countess returning (10 picks and 13 pass break-ups last year). There’s tons of talent back there, and it could give CJ Brown a few problems.

Why this could be a win:

Big. Plays.

Michigan gives up quite a bit of big plays, and Maryland makes a living off those sort of things. Last year the Wolverines gave up 121 passes of ten or more yards, 42 passes of 20 or more yards, and ten of 40 or more yards. Meanwhile, Maryland has largely been regarded as one of the more explosive offenses in college football. C.J. Brown is all you really need to upset a resident powerhouse on the road, go ask Virginia Tech.

Plus, the Wolverines are coming off a bye week. While that could look good for them on paper, it’s entirely plausible that they’ll overlook Maryland and come out lax. They did against Michigan State last year.

Also…is Devin Gardner a quarterback?