Maryland Terrapins Set To Host Big Ten Lax Tourney


May 25, 2014; Towson, MD, USA; Maryland Terrapins players celebrate as the clocks expires during the women

Maryland is going to have to adjust to a lot of things when they enter the Big Ten next season, to be sure. That said, the Big Ten is also going to learn a thing or two from Maryland as well. In this case, it’s lacrosse tournaments. For that, they’ll lean on Maryland as the conference’s first ever Big Ten lacrosse tournament will be held at Byrd Stadium next year, per

The Big Ten as a conference, until now, did not feature an institution of men’s or women’s lacrosse, but now that they have six teams sponsoring the sport, they do. The tournament makes sense now, and it’ll be held from April 30 to May 2 in College Park. With the way Maryland fans love lacrosse, this could make for a very exciting tournament given some of the good teams showing up to compete.

Though not necessarily known for its lacrosse prowess, the Big Ten is nonetheless competitive. Ohio State and Penn State made the NCAA tournament in 2013, and Rutgers has had a program since 1887. Still, when it comes to National Championships, the newcomers absolutely dominate. Maryland, Johns Hopkins and Rutgers compile all 56 of the nattys that the Big Ten now holds.

The tournament in 2016 will be held at Johns Hopkins.

It’s a nice gesture from the Big Ten to let Maryland host a sport that they know best. Byrd has, after all, been host to the ACC tournament plenty of times, as well as the Men’s Lacrosse Championship ten times in its history.