Terps Pitcher Bobby Ruse Has An Amazing Mustache


It takes guts to rock a mustache nowadays. Not everyone can properly sport them, and most do it as a joke nowadays rather than use it as a fashion statement. It really takes a certain kind of man (or woman) to do it, especially on national television. Enter Terps baseball righty reliever Bobby Ruse.

Ruse has been sporting the ‘stache for quite awhile now, but the national television audience is just getting a taste of it. When Ruse entered the game Saturday night against the Gamecocks in relief of starting pitcher Mike Shawaryn, the commentators immediately did what they did best: comment on things like mustaches.

If you haven’t seen it yet, well, here ya go:

Clearly, the mustache is invoking some sort of Zeus’ like strength to the Maryland Terrapins as we speak, because they’ve been on a major hot streak lately. I’m not one to buy into trinkets, but if I could, it’d be his mustache. Maryland is currently up 4-3 on the Gamecocks, so it’s hard to argue that something isn’t going right whenever Ruse is on the mound.

Here are some very grainy laptop shots of his mustache that you can use at your own leisure as, say, your phone background: