Breaking: Nick Faust, Roddy Peters, and Shaquille Cleare Transferring


Mar 2, 2014; Clemson, SC, USA; Maryland Terrapins guard Roddy Peters (2) dribbles the ball as Clemson Tigers forward/center Josh Smith (33) defends during the first half at J.C. Littlejohn Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The breaking news has finally been confirmed. In what was leaked earlier this week and finally confirmed, soon-to-be senior Nick Faust has been granted his letter of release from the Maryland Terrapins. But in slightly more shocking news, Faust is joined by sophomore Shaquille Cleare and freshman Roddy Peters as the transfer train rolls out of College Park.

Faust was coming off a pretty rough junior season in what was expected to be a breakout year for him, averaging 9.4 points per game but shooting under 40% from the field. Faust began the season as a starter, but because of a prolonged shooting slump he was relegated to the bench numerous times. If my source is correct, Faust left because he felt he was not being utilized in the correct manner, and neither did his family. To that extent he has a point; Faust has never played a set position for an entire season. His freshman year he was a player off the bench; his sophomore season was at small forward, shooting guard, and point guard; his junior year was off the bench, at point guard, shooting guard, and small forward.

Cleare and Peters are a bit more of a surprise, however. There had been rumblings that Shaquille Cleare was set to transfer after not receiving the minutes he felt he deserved or seeing the production he felt he had in him. Cleare played fewer minutes, scored less points, and grabbed even less boards than his freshman season, and saw his role diminish with the team rapidly. The 6’9 recruit and, really, the crown jewel of the 2014 class started for the Terrapins in the beginning of the year, but after failing to make any dent was relegated to the bench. He slowly fell out of Turgeon’s rotation throughout the year, and logged next to nothing late in ACC play.

Peters is the real surprise of this transfer period, though. Peters was the headliner and lone 5-star from Maryland’s 2013 class and expected to play a major role in the Terrapins future. As a freshman, Peters was thrust into the spotlight early after the Terrapins lost their starting point guard in Seth Allen. Less than fifteen games into the season, Peters was starting for the Terps. That was short-lived, however, as Peters was relegated to the bench more and more as sophomore Seth Allen returned to the lineup and gobbled up minutes at the 1.

Peters, a local Suitland, Maryland native, and Faust, a Baltimore stud, were symbolic players because of what it meant for local recruiting under the Turgeon regime. He was representative of stronger ties to the area than under Gary Williams, and it seemed like Maryland had officially become a major player in the recruiting scene under Turgeon. Now, with their departures, the stay home movement doesn’t necessarily have the same amount of conviction it had previously. Maryland still brings in lots of local kids and they are clearly opening up minutes for them, but it hurts the message nonetheless.

Overall, Maryland now finds themselves two under the scholarship limit after being one over just a couple hours ago. Maryland still brings in another big man to replace Cleare, and they’re also bringing in two guards to replace Peters and Faust, but there’s a good chance the Terps add someone else to bolster the roster. That could come in the form of a transfer point guard like they sought last year, or it could be a small forward-type player that isn’t really on the roster outside of Layman.

Regardless, this is huge news for the Terps. We’ll continue to break this down as time progresses and keep you updated with any other transfer news that comes up.

Happy trails, guys!