Pretty Awesome Maryland Stats At


Randy Edsall, probably counting push ups. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a big time statistical geek, then I’ve just found the holy grail for you. The guys over at have put together quite the database for college football stats, and it’s worth taking a gander over. If you’ve got any interest in knowing how Maryland stacks up in a simple, easy to read and understand picture, then look no further than here.

I’ve probably spent the past couple of hours combing over just about every stat Maryland has to offer, and there are some very interesting, encouraging, and alarming ones that jump out at you. Take, for example, Maryland’s #1 ranking in red zone offense. Not to cherry pick stats, but that one stands out as being incredible given how brutal the team was in scoring at all last year. Sure, they settle for field goals, but that amount of efficiency bodes well for the team against tougher competition.

Then there’s the disappointing fact that the Terps are ranked 85th in opponent red zone conversion percentage. The gap between the best and worst isn’t that high, and let’s be honest: teams aren’t even reaching the end zone against Maryland. But there’s also the fact that the Terps aren’t that great at returning punts even with Stefon Diggs and Will Likely. This season, they’re only averaging five yards a return, which means the offense has to work even harder. That’s got to change.

If you want, you can even compare head-to-head Florida State and Maryland in very graphic detail. It’s amazing how incredibly close these teams are statistically, but Florida State has an decent edge. At least statistically, their ranking is justified; you could argue Maryland is getting short changed, but their strength of schedule hurts them.

Either way, there’s a whole lot of green showing when you compare Maryland with other teams in the NCAA, and I personally love it. Even when strength of schedule is factored in, Maryland stacks up very well. So when you’re bored or feel like learning a bit, head over to and get familiar.