Maryland will Debut Red Pride Uniforms this Saturday


Here’s the link for the new Maryland “Red Pride” uniforms. Mock-ups for the new Maryland Pride uniforms were released early this afternoon. As we all expected, the “Red Pride” uniforms will debut this Saturday against West Virginia. The new uniforms look sleek and fashionable, exactly what we have all come to expect from Under Armour. What we didn’t know was when these new uniforms were going to be worn. I originally expected the original uniforms to be worn during the homecoming game against Clemson, but what better place to wear the new uniforms than the home of Under Armour: Baltimore.

With a nationally televised game along with key recruits taking on the game, Maryland will receive an increase in press attention across the country. Hopefully the media has better things to say this time than the last time Maryland debuted the Pride uniforms. The impact of the Under Armour relationship with Maryland cannot be understated. This game has many storylines to it, and adding another can give Maryland the opportunity to gain some positive media exposure rather than the bashing Edsall has taken the past two years. Under Armour has done a great job in helping Maryland rebuild the program. With the spotlight shining on this weekend’s game, it is time for the Terps to shine in style.