Proof That The Terps Are Typically Underrated By ACC


Jul 21, 2013; Greensboro, NC, USA; Boston College Eagles quarterback Chase Rettig addresses the media during the ACC Kickoff Day at the Grandover Resort. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

We have it here, folks! Definitive proof that the Maryland Terrapins are typically underrated by the ACC media on a yearly basis!

According to Jim Young of, who compared the ACC football predictions and their actual results, the media consistently incorrectly predicts two teams in the Atlantic division: Maryland and Boston College. Yep, the two “northern” teams (see: not in the Carolinas) in the ACC are typically given the no confidence vote. Carolina bias officially proven!

Well not really. Georgia Tech is the team the ACC media places very little faith in. From ’08 to ’12, the Yellow Jackets have an average predicted finish of 3.0. Their actual finish? 1.6. Maybe it’s their janky offense that many feel is antiquated. Maybe the completely baseless claims I just created from my computer about Paul Johnson bad-mouthing Swofford at his local bingo match are actually true. For whatever reason, the ACC doesn’t like Georgia Tech too much.

The Terps aren’t far behind though. Maryland’s aggregate predicted finish is 5.4. Their actual finish is a full point ahead of that at 4.4. As Young pointed out, two season definitely skewer that statistic: in 2008 when the Terps finished third, and in 2010 when they finished second.

So it doesn’t really prove anything except that these polls aren’t an exact science. They’re really just a flawed metric that is calculated by equally flawed people (though that’s not a slight on the voters, they just have biases like everyone else). We’ve only got one more year to definitively prove the Carolina bias theory, so let’s get to work!

Here are the top five teams with the biggest differential between predicted and actual finish:

1.) Georgia Tech

Differential between predicted and actual finish: 1.4

2) Maryland Terrapins

Differential between predicted and actual finish: 1.0

T3.) Boston College & Virginia Tech

Differential between predicted and actual finish: 0.8

T5.) Duke & Miami

Differential between predicted and actual finish: 0.6