Three Transfer Guards The Maryland Terrapins Can Look At


Jan 16,2013; Boise,ID, USA; New Mexico Lobos guard Demetrius Walker (40) at the top of the key during the first half against the Boise State Broncos at Taco Bell Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

With Antonio Barton just the latest transfer product to tell the Maryland Terrapins to take a hike, it’s looking less and less like they will be getting an elite transfer guard next season. At least, less likely that they will be getting a guard who can help them in the short-term and be eligible to play right away. But there are still a few names out there that should merit an extra look, or at least a pitch, in order to help shore up the Terps back court woes.

If the Terps are looking for…

  • A Steady Veteran Guard With Local Ties…

Javorn Farrell, G, UMass

At this point, Javorn Farrell has to be one of the biggest priorities if the Terps want a guard who can score, has big game experience, and isn’t too shabby a distributor either. At 6’5, he’s large for a point guard, but Farrell is a Woodbridge, Virginia native and has performed well enough during his college career that he could be an overlooked talent that can help right away. Farrell decided he needed a change of scenery from UMass after this season, and he’s set to graduate so he can play right away.

Don’t look at Farrell’s per game statistics, because you’re going to overlook him, too. He’s a hidden gem because of how explosive a scorer he can be at times on the court. Like his 20 point, seven rebound, six assist game against Duquesne his junior year. Or his 16 points in the first round of the NIT two years ago. Or his sophomore year when he dropped another 16 against St. Bonaventure. I’m obviously cherry picking random performances throughout his college career, but the point I’m trying to make is that he can ball a little bit. And he is a very competent passer who knows to find open shooters on the court rather than force things.

He’s also familiar with the ACC, having played Miami, Florida State, Boston College, and NC State among others. UMass plays a very tough schedule for a smaller school, and Farrell has been a key part on that team throughout his college career. It’s not like he would be shocked at all by the speed of the game, because he’s used to it.

If we’re looking for someone who can come in and provide points off the bench and a steady veteran presence who has been to NITs, Farrell is the Terps guy.

  • A guy who can score that rock off the bench…

Allen Roberts, G, Miami (OH)

Roberts is a 6’3, 215 lb thick guard who was Miami (OH)’s leading scorer last season at 12.3 PPG. That’s more or less exactly what Roberts does on the court: score from deep. Roberts shot 34% from deep last year, and though he did have a slight meniscus tear in his knee (the same one that took him out his sophomore year), he still came back and finished the season strong.

Roberts knows is a pretty solid finisher around the rim because of his strength, and he can do it against quality caliber opponents, as he has shown throughout his career. If he were brought in as a guy who could come off the bench and run the offense for awhile, he would absolutely thrive for the Terrapins. Roberts can heat up from deep, and when he does it’s a very good thing for his team because he won’t hesitate to shoot.

Roberts isn’t a great passer, and has never averaged more than two assists per game in a season, so if the Terps are looking for a pure distributor they ought to look elsewhere. But if they’re looking for someone who can provide a huge spark off the bench and get his teammates fired up, Roberts should be more than capable. I happen to think with a shorter leash, he can be an even better player than he was at Miami of Ohio.

He’s a junior, and can play immediately. If Maryland is looking for a watered down Eli Carter, then they should start looking at Allen Roberts.

  •  A guy who could make an All-ACC team or be a bit player…

Demetrius Walker, G, New Mexico

People who love recruiting won’t soon forget Demetrius Walker, who was billed as the “next big thing” since he was about 12 years old absolutely destroying kids his age in the AAU circuit. He got offers from Arizona State, from USC, and Cal coming out of high school. Of course the best laid plans…

Long story short, Walker bounced from Arizona State, ended up at New Mexico, became a solid sixth man, and got in some more trouble before eventually transferring out in hopes of getting somewhere like Maryland to play more minutes. Still, he was a solid piece for the Lobos that helped them get to the NCAA tournament. But what can Walker do that makes Maryland want him?

For starters, he probably has the most talent of any transfer guard out there. He has a phenomenal jump shot, a killer instinct, and has shown his ability to adjust to any role asked of him. Walker is a humbled individual who has likely learned from how stupid he was in the past. And though he’s a West Coast boy, Maryland might want to start luring him in to see if they can be the key to unlocking his potential.

If they can manage to unleash what Walker has to offer, they will get a guard who can score on anyone, who is athletic enough to play in the NBA, and is a monster defender with solid length at the position. Think a very watered down James Harden, if you will. At times, he can be the best player on the court hands down, and other times he will completely and entirely disappear.

Mark Turgeon is a cut-to-the-chase motivator, and if he and Walker form a relationship, then that’s the best option going forward. At the worst, Walker would probably be a better backup to Roddy Peters than Seth Allen automatically.