Terrapin Takes, Monday: Kai Locksley, Jason Collins Is Gay, Dion Wiley


Mike Locksley, as a head coach.

Mandatory Credit: Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

  • Maryland has been sending out basketball offers to Team Takeover players left and right lately, and for good reason. They are absolutely loaded with local talent, and it doesn’t hurt to send out feelers before other teams get the chance to discover the talent they have on that team. Still, it’s an AAU team, and as such they have to try to shed the label of being “dirty.” Dave Fairbank gives you a glimpse of what Team Takeover is all about, and it’s pretty great.
  • Perhaps the biggest headline of the day (outside of Tim Tebow being released) is something that has far-reaching effects in professional sports. Jason Collins, NBA journeyman, came out Monday morning as a homosexual. On the surface it has nothing to do with the Terps, and yet it definitely does because this opens the door for more athletes to come out. The statistics don’t lie, there are plenty of gay athletes; some of them are probably playing sports at the University of Maryland, too.
  • The ACC riding high after a few recent victories that have essentially halted conference realignment for the time being. So much so that John Swofford is considering playing football and basketball games over in Europe. I’m not sure how much intrigue this would bring, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m slightly disappointed happy Maryland won’t get the chance to be rejected for the opportunity to play overseas by an NC-centric ACC.
  • Pay to play article, but the Maryland Terrapins have been seeking out the services of a new 2014 forward. Even though the Terps already have their eyes on a number of big men (along with some already on the roster), this isn’t a bad thing to try and acquire a fast-riser like Terry Larrier.
  • Dion Wiley and a number of recruits on Team Takeover have done some fantastic things on the basketball court, and you can find out how they’re doing here. As it stands, Team Takeover is a perfect 7-0 this summer, and doesn’t look like they’re going to lose for awhile. Still, there’s another prospect in Kai Locksley, who is also turning some heads on the Baltimore Elite.