EYBL Session #2 Roundup: Team Takeover Dominant, Kai Locksley Still Talented


Dec 21, 2012; College Park, MD, USA; Maryland Terrapins head coach Mark Turgeon speaks to the press during the post game press conference at the Comcast Center against the Stony Brook Seawolves. Mandatory Credit: Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

The second session of the Nike EYBL AAU circuit continued in the same manner as week one: Team Takeover won, and they won a lot. With the amount of Maryland targets on that team, it’s worth checking in to see how they’ve done. Last week, we also saw the emergence of Kai Locksley, who has an offer from Maryland in football, play some inspiring ball on the hardwood as well. Dion Wiley continued to prove how deadly of a shooter he is, and Tre Campbell got back on track.

So anyway, how did they fare this weekend?

Team Takeover

Dion Wiley

Wiley isn’t shying away from the spotlight much by continuing his hot shooting for the second straight week. Wiley is an incredibly effective shooter, as evidenced by his 17 three pointers over five games this weekend. Wiley had a great first game of the second week not just because of his shooting, but because he affected the game in a variety of ways. With 13 points, four assists, and two steals, it was one of the more complete games he’s played.

That’s not to say Wiley isn’t multi faceted when he’s on, as evidenced by his game five: 24 points (5-of-10 from deep), six rebounds, and two blocks. It was his second 24 point game of the weekend, and the second time that he connected on five three pointers in one game. It’s nice to see Wiley doing things other than scoring in heaps on a regular basis, but boy is it nice to see him shoot that well.

Tre Campbell

Campbell had a tough first weekend, so it was encouraging to see him do a lot better during the second session. Campbell’s first outing was great, as he compiled 11 points and eight assists to zero turnovers. He also finally hit some three pointers this weekend, with five total. To see Campbell thrive as a facilitator was the most impressive sign of things to come; he had 29 assists over that five game stretch, and never turned the ball over more than two times. With so many weapons on his team, Campbell is making sure that everyone is playing to the best of their abilities.

He’s not exactly a sharp shooter, but Campbell is athletic and knows how to get his teammates open. As a pure point guard, he is as good a prospect as most. The best part about Campbell’s game? His team hasn’t lost this summer with him as the floor general.

Martin Geben

Geben has been showing up on radars, and last week he was one of the more impressive players on Team Takeover. During session #2 he wasn’t as dominant, but Geben showed that his game consists of more than just rebounding. His first outing of the weekend wasn’t much to write home about, as he didn’t attempt a shot the entire time on the court, but the rest of the tournament he displayed his uncanny knack for grabbing rebounds.

His second game was a 12 point, six rebound, two block performance (perhaps his best of the weekend). But interspersed in that was a six point, eight rebound, five block, three steal onslaught that helped guide his team to a 3-point victory over the Oakland Soldiers. Geben fills up the stat sheet in so many ways that it’s hard not to be happy with how he plays, even if he isn’t scoring in bunches.

Therence Mayimba

Mayimba isn’t really getting a ton of minutes in his outings, but he is another guy who fills up the stat sheet whenever he’s on the court. Nothing about his weekend stood out, outside of a five point, five rebound, two assists, two steal game one. With the amount of players on that roster who command lots of minutes at small forward, Mayimba isn’t going to get a lot of run. Still, he’s making the most of the scant ten minutes he is on the court.

Baltimore Elite

Kai Locksley

Locksley, a new guy on the Terps radar for basketball, looked like he was going to continue the great first week with his first game of the second session. Locksley had 13 points, a pair of three pointers, and five rebounds his first game, but from there he struggled and didn’t play a ton of minutes. Even when he did, his shooting seemed to be pretty off on the weekend, as two of his games resulted in fewer than five points.

This isn’t a damning thing by any means, and he has a lot more basketball to be played. As a two-sport prospect, you have to like Locksley even if he struggled.

Other players of note: Abdul Malik Abu

Abu is absolutely en fuego over the past two weekends, and he’s going to be commanding offers from just about every team in the nation by the end of this summer. He also reportedly likes the Terps, but I still have my doubts about Maryland’s ability to land him. Abu is a big time scorer, as evidenced by his 28 point, 10 rebound outing against the Alabama Challenge.

He followed that up with a 20 point, eight rebound line against the Arkansas Wings. Abu is a 6’8 forward who the Terrapins will have to press very hard in a crowded field of teams to convince him to attend. Luckily, they started earlier than almost every school, which might count for something.