Alec Eberle is a 3-star Offensive Lineman from Mechanicasville, VA. He flew under the r..."/> Alec Eberle is a 3-star Offensive Lineman from Mechanicasville, VA. He flew under the r..."/>

Nike SPARQ Q&A: Alec Eberle


Alec Eberle is a 3-star Offensive Lineman from Mechanicasville, VA. He flew under the radar for a little while, but his recruitment is starting to take off, as he received an FSU offer last Monday. But Maryland was the first school to offer Eberle, and he’s enjoyed his time when visiting College Park. Eberle took the time to talk to TerrapinStationMD following his performance at the Nike SPARQ training camp:

TSMD: How do you feel about your performance today?

Eberle: Today I kinda played a new position, a lot of the big time schools want me to play C because I’m 6’4” and I’m not tall enough to play Tackle. But for not playing that position ever, out of the shotgun, I mean I‘ve practiced snapping, I’ve never had someone rush me. But other than that, I think I did pretty good. My coaches helped me, and I learned some stuff as I was going because it’s like a foreign country and I’ve never played it before.

TSMD: How is the recruiting process playing out for you?

Eberle: It’s getting kinda hectic right now, you know Florida State offered me on Monday, and that kinda changed things. Now I’m getting a lot more interest from other schools because that’s a top 25 school coming after you, and that might shatter some people’s bones and make them want you even more. It’s pretty crazy.

TSMD: From a local standpoint, how do you feel about Maryland and what coach Edsall is trying to do in College Park?

Eberle: I actually talked to my mom’s friend who played for the Ravens and he was telling me about his relationship with Randy, excuse me, coach Edsall (laughs) and he was telling me about how great a guy coach Edsall is. I really like coach Edsall, I met with coach Edsall when I went up there for spring practice, and he was really cool. I love what Maryland is doing, I love how they’re starting to put more effort and time into their football program, and you can see the changes. They’re becoming one of those schools that’s all about football.

TSMD: Being an offensive lineman, how do you feel about Coach Brattan?

Eberle: I love coach Brattan (laughs), Brattan is a good guy. He’s one of those coaches where I’ve built a good relationship with and with camps and stuff, he’s one of those guys that I’ve known him for over a year. He’s just a great coach; everywhere I’ve gone, I mean I went to Auburn, I went to Florida State, and all those guys knows who coach Brattan is (laughs). And that’s the type of guy he is, and when you have a coach from another school tell you about a guy from another school, that’s a sign.

TSMD: With things getting a little more hectic, can you narrow down a top 5? Which schools are standing out to you right now?

Eberle: Well, some schools haven’t offered me yet, but schools I like are UNC, I like Maryland, Georgia, Florida State, and ODU. If I had to add a sixth, I like [Georgia] Tech too.

TSMD: When do you plan on deciding?

Eberle: I was gonna try and decide by the end of the school year, but now with more schools coming in, it’s making it harder. So probably by midway through summer, that’s my goal. I kinda wanna get it out of the way come football season.

As Alec Elerbe continues to learn the C position, more schools will make a run for his services. While bigger schools are bound to come through with offers, Elerbe doesn’t want any distractions for his senior season. Maryland is in excellent position, and even with big time schools making a push, I feel that Maryland will be there in the end.

We’d like to thank Alec Elerbe for talking with TerrapinStationMD and look forward to speaking with him in the future!