Terrapin Takes: Women’s Lacrosse, Alex Len, Oregon State, Obama


May 25, 2012; Stony Brook NY, USA; Maryland Terrapins midfielder Kelly McPartland. Check that pocket depth, young lady.

  • The Maryland Terrapins women’s lacrosse team needs to get a bit more love for what they’re doing for the school. That is to say, they’re completely assaulting the ACC with a perfect 16-0 record. And they’ve got a chance to do something really special come Saturday in Virginia Tech. Quite a bit of momentum heading into the ACC/NCAA tournament. Just look at senior Alex Aust’ stat line — videogame-esque.
  • In more Terps lax news, the men’s team has a pretty tough battle themselves this weekend against a pack of geniuses in Yale. While the Terps are considered favorites, Yale is hardly a slouch at #15 in the country. They’re probably right around Hopkins skill level, and as most already know, we dropped a game to Hopkins.
  • Self-pub, the Terrapins are going to host Oregon State next year in basketball. While that’s not really news considering the Beavers were pretty bad last year, it’s the offseason and it may end up being more meaningful later on. Particularly because everyone and their mother is going to be pulling for Barack Obama to show up, given his dubious connections with the Beaver’s head coach.
  • There are some pretty crazy events happening in Massachusetts right now, and it’s bound to spurn some type of legislation to prevent something like this happening again. Sports initially played a part in this tragedy that will eventually spark legislation, and as is often the case, it has in the past as well. See: Len Bias
  • ACCSports.com published a list of 2014 ACC football commitments earlier. There’s something missing from the list, can you guess what that is?
  • It’s always nice to look back from a year ago and see what predictions were made about the Terrapins football team. BleacherReport.com decided to take a stab at the depth chart for the Terps, and here are the results. (Hint: it’s not entirely wrong)