Thoughts On Maryland’s Win Over Virginia Tech


Jan 5, 2012; College Park, MD, USA; Maryland Terrapins guard Seth Allen (4) leads a fast break with forward Jake Layman past Virginia Tech Hokies guard Marquis Rankin (10) at the Comcast Center. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, now that the Terrapins got that conference home opener/absolute shellacking of Virginia Tech out of the way, I’ve definitely got some thoughts on the victory.

1.) The Terps roll deep

In other words, the Terrapins are as deep as the Wu-Tang Clan. Len, Faust, Padgett, Wells, Allen, Layman, Mitchell, Cleare, Aaronholt, and Howard. This squad has ten players who Mark Turgeon has no real issues with playing at any point in time. Whether it’s Aaronholt and Allen’s zone-busting three point shooting, Len’s down low boxing out, or Dez Wells playmaking, the Terrapins have an answer for almost anything a defense throws at them. If someone isn’t playing well, you’d better believe the Terps will toss out another player to fill that role just as adequately.

Oh, and Jake’s hair looked great today.

2.) We were merely freshmen (today, at least)

Maryland also happens to field four freshmen who are already prepped and ready to step up and contribute right away, even against ACC competition. Between Seth Allen, Jake Layman, Shaquille Cleare, and Charles Mitchell, the Terrapins have (at least) two freshmen who can start on any given day. Layman got the start today and dropped 18 points in the first half, playing with an intensity on the offensive and defensive end of the ball that I hadn’t really seen all year. 20 and 8 isn’t a freshman stat line.

Meanwhile, Seth Allen could just as easily start, but he came off the bench and provided 21 points and some clutch shooting from long range. It’s truly a rarity when you see a freshman opt against an easy alley-oop on the fast break, slow down the offense and pull it back out, then drain a step back jumper. I saw it today, from Seth Allen. Yeah he good.

That’s not even mentioning the contributions on the offensive and rebounding end that Charles Mitchell and Shaquille Cleare provide night in and night out. Eight and five from each ofthem night in and night out isn’t too shabby.

Oh, and Jake Layman’s hair was transplanted from the mane of a golden unicorn.

3.) The Terps still rebound and pass well against better competition

No matter who Maryland plays, they still utilize that shot clock with the best of them. The Terrapins are as unselfish as any team in the nation, with everyone willing to pass rather than take a bad shot, and the end result is that they come out with 18 assists in a night. Yes, they had ten turnovers, but the fact is the Terps know how to find an open man and take quality shots on each possession.

Alex Len and Charles Mitchell, meanwhile, still box out in the post on offense and defense incredibly well, and limit the amount of putbacks of Virginia Tech. While they are the top two rebounders, everyone on the team likes to chip in a bit. Hell, even our point guards rebound pretty effectively (Allen and Howard had six tonight, but it often ends up more than that).

Oh, and I don’t know if you heard but Jake Layman’s hair makes Fabio look like Joe Dirt.