Maryland’s Blackout Jerseys Are Bomb


Maryland football has sort-of been put on the backburner since being given sideshow status due to a rash of injuries that have left them crippled and out for the count. Starting a linebacker at quarterback will do that to you, sadly. But I’ll be damned if the Terrapins aren’t going to take the field during their final home and “blackout” game (at 12 PM) of the season wearing some of the freshest digs I’ve seen since Stefon’s first game. Don’t believe me? Check them out:


Cooler than the other side of the pillow, folks. Imagine if they were being donned by a team with a winning record. They’d be picked up by the national media and I’d put money on Maryland crushing whoever they played in these unis. Unfortunately that’s not the case, as the Terrapins coast into the Florida State game having lost their previous four games (two at home, two away). Florida State is more than likely going to tomahawk their way to victory against Maryland’s depleted depth chart, sure, but they are guaranteed to look worse than the other team on the field.

Hats off to Maryland and Under Armor for creating some absolutely amazing jerseys to give the fans something in an otherwise downtrodden season of football.