Summary of Mark Turgeon’s Interview on The Sports Junkies


Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon was a guest on The Sports Junkies radio show this morning on 106.7 The Fan. Since many of you were busy working when he came on I have prepared a summary of what he had to say on a variety of topics.

On how he addresses the team pregame:

Turgeon stated how he puts a lot of time into what he tells his team in the time between games. In turn this means it may not always be his style to give a rousing pregame speech as he’s already hammered the major points home in the days leading up to the game.

On the mindset leading up to the UK game:

Turgeon said the team has had a strong week of practice and attests this to opening up against a team the caliber of Kentucky instead of a mid-major program. The game at the Barclays Center is a big stage, “Which is where we want to be”. Also will help them more when they get into ACC play.

On if the coaching staff has watched any of UK All-Access on ESPNU:

The staff has been watching seeing if there is anything they can pick up on the Wildcats. This question was brought about after J.J. Watt said earlier this fall that watching Hard Knocks tipped him off to the Dolphins snap count. Turgeon said he had watched “About 5-10 minutes” but all he saw was John (Calipari) sitting in his office.

On whether Shaq Cleare and Alex Len will ever be on the floor at the same time:

Turgeon said this is something that has been practiced but not shown in any exhibition games yet. He wants Cleare to learn one position well first, Center. This will force Alex Len to learn a new position as well but as they get more experience working together in practice the more it’ll be implemented into the game plan.

On if Jake Layman will start:

Turgeon was pressed on whether true freshman Jake Layman will be a starter for the Terps. Coach reiterated the fact he hasn’t decided on who will start and who won’t start Friday yet. While this is true, at least publicly, I’d be surprised to see Layman not starting in Brooklyn unless a miracle happens and Dez Wells is ruled eligible between now and then.

On Dez Wells, update on his appeal:

Still no ruling on the appeal by Dez Wells and the University. Turgeon noted how we’d hope to get a ruling before the opening game but there is no timetable for a decision by the NCAA.

Round about question on the Harrison twins:

EB asked if Turgeon usually knows beforehand when a recruit is making a public announcement or if he’s watching in anticipation with everyone else like was the case with the twins. Turgeon said he rarely knows for certain and clearly can’t speak on recruits but he offered a quote that jumped out.

“They didn’t tell me but I knew,”. Turgeon followed this up with, “I can’t speak specifically but actions speak louder than words.”

On differences from last years team to this years team:

– This team has a lot more depth

– This team shares the ball a lot more (Shocking).

– Amid laughs from The Sports Junkies at the round about mention of Stoglin Turgeon followed that comment up by saying “That little kid needed to shoot for us last year,”.

– As a coach he is more prepared for what life in the ACC is like the second time around.


That is it folks, it was a great interview as it always when Maryland coaches go on with the Sports Junkies. Be on the lookout for a lot more on the basketball front as we march closer to Friday’s season opener against the defending champs.