Randy Edsall Weekly Press Conference: Mules, Farmers, and Quarterbacks


October 20, 2012; College Park, MD, USA; Maryland Terrapins head coach Randy Edsall during the game against the North Carolina State Wolfpack at Byrd Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Randy Edsall had a nice little parable for everyone who wants to count out the Terrapins due to some unfortunate quarterback injuries.

It’s called the Old Mule in the Well, and it’s pretty darn accurate. Basically Edsall’s message was this: keep shoveling dirt onto the Terrapins, because we are just going to use it to our advantage.

In a press conference that focused way more on the injury to Perry Hills (and the future of the quarterback position) than anything Boston College related, the mood was not as somber as one might imagine it to be. All things considered, Randy Edsall is still ready to roll in spite of all the injuries.

“I’m not panicked, I’m not upset, and I’m not frustrated. You just roll with the punches,” said coach Edsall when asked whether or not the injuries were getting to him and the team.

Despite losing his top two quarterbacks, Edsall still has plenty of faith in his players to go out there and perform. “There’s no gloom around here. If you see our kids, they’re not down in the dumps.”

That resilience is probably a good thing as the Terrapins head to Boston College later this week facing plenty of uncertainty on the offensive end. Despite losing at home on homecoming weekend, the Terrapins remaining upbeat and getting over the loss quickly is crucial to righting the ship and not going on a major losing skid like last season.

Edsall had high praise for Devin Burns and, in particular, Caleb Rowe’s ability to come in despite not having a lot of repetitions in practice.

“”The only reps Caleb got since we made Devin No. 2 was the two minute drill. and he would go down and throw 7-on-7 vs the defense…That’s the thing that was so impressive, that he went in and performed given the minimal reps he got,” Edsall said on Rowe’s impressive near-game winning drive late in the fourth against N.C. State last week.

As for Burns and his ignition of the running game during the second half, Edsall only said “his running game speaks for itself.”

The high praise for both quarterbacks obviously meant that Edsall was still in the process of deciding who he would turn to as the starting quarterback this Saturday. “We’ll have a really good idea by the end of the day on Thursday [who will be starting at quarterback against Boston College],” said Edsall.

Fortunately for the Terps, Edsall also doesn’t believe that Wes Brown’s running ability is going to be diminished regardless of which quarterback is starting.

“”I think Wes can have that kind of production without Devin. And I think he will have that kind of production with Devin, which was proven,” said Edsall on the subject of Wes Brown thriving with Burns in the game.

Brown rushed for a career high 121 yards on 25 carries last Saturday, and was particularly effective with Burns in the game. He also scored on a touchdown run and is now the Terrapins leading rusher despite having the second most carries and missing a game. Brown being able to rush is crucial to the Terrapins success in the future, as it gives their offense another playmaker outside of Stefon Diggs, who already does plenty.

All in all, Edsall is absolutely correct on comparing the Terrapins situation to the mule in the well. Try to bury the Terrapins alive, and they are going to come back from the grave and haunt teams like Boston College in late October. Count on it.