Grading Out Maryland’s Performance Against Temple


We don’t want to talk about this game any more than you do. However, let’s give out our Testudos for the 38-7 drubbing Maryland received from Temple.

Five Testudos :

C.J. Brown. It was that kind of day – only the backup quarterback gets the highest possible mark for the Terrapins. Brown (playing against Temple’s backups, but still), provided energy for Maryland’s offense, completing all four of his passes for 42 yards and a score and running for 29 yards on two carries.

Four Testudos :

Devonte Campbell, Kevin Dorsey, Nick Ferrara and Lorne Goree. Campbell was the recipient of the Brown touchdown throw, and it was a great one-handed reception and run into the end zone. Dorsey was the only consistent receiver all day, and even though he finished with only five receptions for 61 yards, he was the only guy DOB could rely on. Ferrara had the one punt blocked, but that was more due to a truly puzzling formation by the Maryland special teams unit than anything else, and he averaged 47.2 yards per punt. Goree saw the most playing time of his career and made the most of it, with six tackles and a forced fumble.

Three Testudos :

Demetrius Hartsfield and Maurice Hampton. Hartsfield had a very, very bad start, taking some bad angles and missing completely on Bernard Pierce multiple times, but he recovered and finished with 17 tackles. With Andre Monroe out, Hampton saw a lot of playing time, finishing with five tackles (two for a loss).

Two Testudos :

Tony Logan. Logan ran awful routes and didn’t look on even the same page as O’Brien, but he had his moments, catching three passes for 23 yards.

One Testudo :

Danny O’Brien, Davin Meggett, Offensive Line, Kerry Boykins, the Kenny Tate Experiment, Matt Robinson, Eric Franklin, Randy Edsall, and Gary Crowton

Where do we begin? O’Brien was awful throughout most of the game, Meggett was unable to find any holes in an offensive line that was just manhandled by the Owls’ big men, Kerry Boykins had eight catches but seemed to drop at least ten balls right in the numbers, Kenny Tate was absolutely nowhere to be found, Robinson and Franklin looked horrible in the secondary, Edsall brought a team that was woefully underprepared and underestimated his opponent, and Crowton coupled his usual awful play calling with a total lack of involving Matt Furstenburg in the game (three targets, one catch). I think that just about says it all.

Zero Testudos:

Todd Bradford.

If Todd Bradford is still Maryland’s defensive coordinator next season, I won’t know what to do anymore. Hell, if he’s still Maryland’s defensive coordinator for next week’s game against Towson, I’ll be furious. This was absolutely the worst defensive performance I’ve seen from any team on any level, and my high school squad went 0-10 my junior year. Bradford is absolutely clueless up there. Every decision he’s made has backfired, and he has more talent than he knows what to do with. His specialty, the secondary, is by far the worst unit on the squad, but that doesn’t mean the rest of them is doing that hot either. He needs to go, and he needs to go soon.