Profiles In Terpage – A Countdown To The Football Season: Troy Jones


A recurring series where we will profile every player and coach on Maryland’s roster, counting down to kick-off against Miami. Thanks to OBNUG for the idea.

Today we profile a walk-on quarterback.

Troy Jones, Freshman, Quarterback


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 186

Ratings: N/A

40-yard dash time: 4.5

High School Stats (Senior Year): 1,953 yards passing and 20 touchdowns, eight rushing touchdowns

High School: St. Paul’s School (Reistertown, Md.)

How’d He Get To College Park?

Troy Jones went to a small school outside Baltimore, and excelled as one of the better quarterbacks in the Baltimore area. In 2009 (as a senior), he was named first team all-league and second team small school all-state. How he’s ended up as a freshman at Maryland after being a senior in high school in 2009 is kind of a mystery, but we know he went to prep school.

We also know he was at Maryland last year, but apparently he’s still a true freshman. Yet another mystery.

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“T.J.”. I was not made to make nicknames. Let’s start the season please.

Career Highlight:

Making the Maryland squad.

Career Lowlight:

The mystery surrounding his arrival.

Arbitrary Top Five List:

Wolfgang Petersen movies, by gross:

1. The Perfect Storm

2. Air Force One

3. Troy

4. In the Line of Fire

5. Outbreak

Dream Season:

Playing time in the Towson game.

Nightmare season:

No playing time.

2011 Prospectus:

Troy Jones apparently shopped his highlight tape around for the last few years, finally catching on with the Terps. It is an impressive one. While he plays like a pocket passer, he’s got the speed of a scrambler. Because of that, he has a chance to see a little action late in the Towson game.

However, he is the third quarterback at Maryland, pretty much no matter what. James Joseph has to sit the season out, and is behind him at fourth. Danny O’Brien is the unquestioned starter, and C.J. Brown is the unquestioned backup. Jones will be the third quarterback (although Tony Logan and Anthony Green could also possibly see time at the position), we’re just not sure what that means in terms of playing time.

Last year’s third string quarterback, Brown, played about a down before being sidelined by an injury. We’ll see if Jones plays this year as well.

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Our next player suffered a shoulder injury last year.

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