Football Releases Two-Deep Before Miami Game


Maryland football has released the newest version of their depth chart, and this one has only the two-deep listed. There are plenty of surprises, but let’s take a look at the whole thing after the jump.

At quarterback, Danny O’Brien is starting with C.J. Brown as his backup. No problems there. Immediately after that, however, there’s a huge shocker at halfback. Davin Meggett, as expected, is the starter, but backing him up are converted cornerback Jeremiah Wilson and true freshman Justus Pickett. Gone is sophomore bruiser D.J. Adams, who scored a team-high eleven touchdowns last season.

We don’t know whether or not Adams will still come in on third down and goal line situations, but it’s a safe bet. It looks like Randy Edsall and Gary Crowton are attempting to focus more on speed in the backfield, and that is what Wilson and Pickett provide, even though neither have played a collegiate snap.

At fullback, true freshman Tyler Cierski has taken the starting job away from redshirt freshman Rahsaan Moore, as many predicted. Cierski is one of the most heralded members of Maryland’s most recent recruiting class, and was one of the top fullbacks in the country last season.

At wide receiver, the Terps now only have two starters listed – Kevin Dorsey and Quintin McCree, as expected. Dorsey is the receiver with the most hype entering this year, while McCree is the one with most returning experience. Backing them up are senior Ronnie Tyler and junior Kerry Boykins, who will likely share the slot job.

The starting offensive line holds no surprises, with Max Garcia at left tackle, Andrew Gonnella at left guard, Bennett Fulper at center, Josh Cary at right guard, and R.J. Dill at right tackle. Justin Gilbert will likely take over at left tackle when he recovers from injury. Backing them up, in order of position, are Nick Klemm, De’Onte Arnett, Sal Conaboy, Pete White, and Jake Wheeler. No real surprises there, either, as Pete DeSouza has been ruled out for this season (moving Wheeler up).

On the defensive line, things have calmed down. David Mackall, Joe Vellano, A.J. Francis, and Isaiah Ross make up the starters. That was the expected starting lineup before the spring, but after the first depth chart was posted (leaving Francis and Ross in the dust), questions were raised. Personally, it’s awesome to see Francis back on top. Backing them up are Bradley Johnson, Andre Monroe, Maurice Hampton, and true freshman Keith Bowers (who apparently blew up camp). Curiously missing is Clarence Murphy, who was previously listed as the starter above Ross.

At linebacker, Kenny Tate is starting at STAR, Demetrius Hartsfield is at Mike, and Darin Drakeford is at Will, as expected. Mario Rowson is backing up Tate, Lorne Goree is behind Hartsfield, and true freshman Alex Twine backs up Drakeford. No surprises there.

In the defensive backfield, Cameron Chism is starting at one of the corner spots, with Trenton Hughes backing him up. At the other corner slot, redshirt freshman Jeremiah Johnson and sophomore Dexter McDougle are sharing the job. Eric Franklin starts at free safety, with Titus Till and Anthony Green backing him up, while Matt Robinson starts at strong safety, with Austin Walker as his backup.

Nick Ferrara has won both the kicking and punting jobs, over Michael Tart and Nathan Renfro, respectively. Tim Downs is still the long-snapper, with Greg Parcher as his backup, and Tart is the holder (with DOB as the backup). Tony Logan remains as the punt returner, with Ronnie Tyler as second-choice, and the true freshman Pickett is the number one kick returner, in front of Jeremiah Wilson.

Ready for Miami yet?

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