, we have a first look at Maryland’s spring football depth chart, and there are quite a few s..."/>, we have a first look at Maryland’s spring football depth chart, and there are quite a few s..."/>

Spring Football Depth Chart Overview – Defensive Line


Thanks to, we have a first look at Maryland’s spring football depth chart, and there are quite a few surprises. Yesterday we looked at the receivers and tight ends. Today, let’s look at the defensive line.

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Defensive End:

1. Isaiah Ross, Junior – 6’1″, 255

2. Clarence Murphy, Freshman (RS) – 6’2″, 240

3. Ian Evans, Freshman (RS) – 6’2″, 255

This is Drew Gloster’s old position, and Ross might honestly be an upgrade over the departing senior. The junior from DC had 27 tackles (six for a loss) and three sacks last year. He’s extremely strong and should do work on the line this year. Backing him up are two members of the 2010 recruiting class, Murphy and Evans. Evans was a candidate to play during his redshirt season last year, so it’s surprising to see Murphy ahead of him on the depth chart. The main concern with Evans coming out of high school was his size – he looked a better fit for playing linebacker even though he played like a defensive end – but he gained about 25 pounds and comes into camp a much bigger player.

Defensive Tackle 1:

1. Joe Vellano, Junior (RS) – 6’2″, 285

2. Justin Anderson, Junior – 6’5″, 265

3. Darius Kilgo, Freshman (RS) – 6’3″, 290

Maryland’s coaches used to always joke around that Anderson, a starter on the outside last year, was just a cheeseburger away from moving back inside. Well, here he is, backing up an All-ACC player in Vellano. After missing significant time in his first two years due to injury, Vellano had a breakout year last year, recording 63 tackles (14 for a loss) and six sacks. Anderson, on the other hand, was largely a disappointment on the outside, finishing the year with 22 tackles (seven for a loss) and two sacks. Kilgo is another impressive 2010 player who should take over this spot once Vellano graduates.

Defensive Tackle 2:

1. A.J. Francis, Junior (RS) – 6’4″, 295

1. Maurice Hampton, Senior (RS) – 6’2″, 295

3. Andre Monroe, Freshman (RS) – 6’0″, 280

4. Alex Walker, Freshman (RS) – 6’0″, 280

5. Zachariah Kerr, Junior – 6’2″, 320

Well, this is certainly interesting. Francis, who was a freshman All-American and is one of the best interior linemen in the ACC, is apparently splitting time with Maurice Hampton, a former offensive lineman who has five tackles in his fifteen career games as a Terp. Hopefully, that will change come fall. What’s even more puzzling is the drop-off by Kerr, who hasn’t been announced as injured (or suspended). He’s behind a walk-on in Walker and Monroe, who won’t be seeing playing time for another year or two. I don’t know if the new coaches just don’t like him or what, but hopefully this position will read 1. Francis 2. Kerr 3. Hampton come fall.


1. David Mackall, Sophomore – 6’3″, 240

1. Bradley Johnson, Sophomore (RS) – 6’1″, 220

3. Marcus Whitfield, Sophomore (RS) – 6’3″, 230

4. Alvin Thomas, Junior – 6’0″, 225

I could have put this position in lowercase, like the rest of them, but I feel like ROCK always has to be put in capitals – it’s just too awesome of a name. It seems like this is for smaller, quicker linemen – Mackall is a former linebacker and Johnson and Whitfield are both ‘tweeners. Mackall had a very impressive true freshman campaign, including a 34-yard interception return in the Military Bowl and a jarring hit on a FIU kick returner on special teams. Johnson had a solid freshman year on the line as well, recording 14 tackles, and Whitfield spent most of the year injured. Thomas is a transfer from Albright College.

We’ll continue this series tomorrow with the linebackers.