Maryland Depth Chart Overview – Offense


About a week ago, the Terps released the new Fall 2010 Football Depth Chart, with some changes. Let’s look at the offense today:

Note – I only marked a redshirt (RS) for the freshmen, to distinguish them from first-year players.


1. Jamarr Robinson – JR

2. Danny O’Brien – FR (RS)

3. CJ Brown – FR (RS)

4. Devin Burns – FR

While the first three have been known, in that order, for quite some time, it’s interesting that they even bothered to list Burns (and not Tyler Smith, another true freshman). With the depth in front of him, it would come as quite the shock if Burns didn’t redshirt, but as of now he’s listed on the depth chart. There are only two other positions that the Terps have as many as four players listed (tailback and defensive end).


1. Da’Rel Scott – SR

1. Davin Meggett – JR

3. Gary Douglas – SO

4. D.J. Adams – FR (RS)

Scott and Meggett still share the top spot on the depth chart, but Da’Rel will almost definitely get most of the carries. Douglas is a good third down back, while Adams is a great short yardage guy with a lot of potential. No real surprises here.


1. Haroon Brown – JR

2. Louis Berman – JR

3. Paul Lariviere – JR

Again, no surprises here. Once Taylor Watson gets back from his ACL tear (which should be some time next month), he’ll fight for the top spot with Brown. The coaches noted Berman has played very well this camp.

Z Wide Receiver

1. Torrey Smith – JR

2. Quintin McRee- JR

3. Emani Lee-Odai – SR

Tony Logan (now at X receiver) used to be the third backup here, but the Terps have moved Lee-Odai over.

X Wide Receiver

1. Adrian Cannon – SR

2. Kevin Dorsey – SO

3. Tony Logan – JR

Logan moves over here as he tries to show he’s more than just a punt returner.

F Wide Receiver

1. LaQuan Williams – SR

2. Ronnie Tyler – JR

3. Kerry Boykins – SO

This is one of the bigger surprises, as Williams has knocked Ronnie Tyler out of the top spot. Williams does have seniority, and all three of these guys will play, but the starting position is still important.

Y Tight End

1. Matt Furstenburg – SO

2. Ryan Schlothauer – SO

Yikes. Lansford Watson’s out for the year, while Devonte Campbell and Will Yeatman are both out for the season opener. Furstenburg was a highly touted recruit who hasn’t lived up to expectations yet (although the coaches seem to be impressed with his performance during camp), while Schlothauer is a walk-on.

F Tight End

1. Dave Stinebaugh – FR

2. Matt Furstenburg – SO

Stinebaugh, a redshirt freshman, has impressed in limited opportunities with the Terps, and is an adequate placeholder for Campbell/Yeatman.

Left Tackle

1. Justin Gilbert – SO

2. Nick Klemm – FR (RS)

3. Max Garcia – FR

It may seem like a surprise that Max Garcia, a true freshman, made it on the depth chart, but he’s really impressed the coaches with his technical ability and football IQ.

Right Tackle

1. R.J. Dill – SO

2. Pete DeSouza – FR (RS)

3. Cody Blue – FR (RS)

No surprises here. Dill has been the starter at right tackle since spring practice for the Terps.

Left Guard

1. Andrew Gonnella – JR

2. Pete White – FR (RS)

2. Josh Cary – FR (RS)

Josh Cary moves over from right guard to share backup duties with Pete White.

Right Guard

1. Justin Lewis – SO

2. Bennett Fulper – SO

Lewis was officially named the starter over Fulper, but he had been the leader for a few weeks.


1. Paul Pinegar – SR

2. John Dillon – SO

3. Chris Rhodes – JR

Kind of surprised to not see Sal Conaboy, a true freshman, here. Both of Pinegar’s backups have no varsity experience with the Terps, but Conaboy is still getting used to center.