Randy Edsall certainly has some rather large injury concerns heading into the 2013 season. (Photo Credit: The Washington Post)

Would A Future Maryland/Syracuse Football Series Be Good For The Terps?


According to reports on the Syracuse website citing deputy athletic director Herman Frazier, Maryland and Syracuse are strongly considering beginning a football series once the Terps move on to the B1G. Maryland coach Randy Edsall confirmed on ACC Media Day Monday afternoon that they are working on scheduling that series down the road. Of course, for now at least, Syracuse is in the ACC and will only face Maryland this season on November 9th at Byrd Stadium.

Judging by Maryland’s 2013 non-conference schedule, that portion could use a face-lift. The Terps will face Florida International, Old Dominion, and West Virginia only a year after opening the 2012 season against lowly William & Mary. It certainly would behoove Randy Edsall to go the route similar to that of basketball coach Mark Turgeon. In Turgeon’s first year at Maryland, he scheduled a weak non-conference schedule and didn’t played many good teams except for Kentucky in the Barclays Center Classic.

For the past two seasons, Edsall has faced West Virginia and a few other sub-par teams. It’s time for Edsall to take the program to the next level and raise Maryland’s competition. However, would a series with Syracuse be the way to go?

If you look at Syracuse’s performance in recent years, it becomes clear that the Orange are far from a football powerhouse. The Orange did make it to a bowl game in 2012, ironically against West Virginia in the Pinstripe Bowl. However, the success just hasn’t been consistent over the last several seasons. Syracuse played (prior to their move to the ACC) in the less-than-stellar Big East, a conference that is seeing many teams leave for greener pastures. They’ve play a much weaker schedule than Maryland, and are more widely recognized as a premier basketball school.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why Edsall would want to start a series with Syracuse. It is his alma mater and he spent 15 years there — four as a player and 11 as a coach. It makes complete sense for Edsall to want to make a trip to upstate New York or have the Orange travel to College Park. It’s a non-conference contest that would be within close distance of Maryland’s campus, relatively speaking.

How the Orange have fared the past several years

In the past five years, Syracuse has finished with an above .500 record in only two of those seasons; the other three saw a high of five wins and a low of three. The Orange had an 8-5 record during the 2010 and 2012 and ended up reaching the same bowl game in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (they defeated West Virginia and Kansas State in those games). Over those five years, Syracuse posted a 28-34 overall record and 21 of those wins took place in the 2010 and 2012 seasons. You have to go all the way back to the 2004 season to find a .500 record before the success of the 2010 season.

Flip that on its ear and dissect Maryland’s play in recent years.
The Terps have played in six bowl games over the past 10 years and won five of those contests. Yes, they have had some dreadful seasons but were successful overall under Ralph Friedgen. Over the past 10 years, Maryland has posted a 71-66 which mostly came under Friedgen (minus the past two dreadful campaigns under Edsall).
The Terps beat some pretty decent programs in Tennessee, Purdue, and West Virginia. They had five winning seasons during that time frame which is more than we can say for the Orange. With a decent team, Maryland can hang with pretty much anybody. Even in Perry Hills’ third collegiate start, the Terps gave Geno Smith and the Mountaineers all they could handle last season. Another factor to consider is that Edsall is tearing it up on the recruiting trail, so the talent in College Park should definitely be on the rise.
In closing, it wouldn’t be an absolutely horrendous thing if Maryland began a series with Syracuse. However, the Terps may be a few steps above the Orange in a few short years and could face a little more daunting competition. Judging by Syracuse’ recent history, Maryland could do much better in terms of a future non-conference opponent.

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  • EIntrater

    haha!! You just tried to pull a fast one. You are comparing Syracuse’s last FIVE year to Maryland’s last TEN years. Hmm..I wonder who’s stats would be better in that comparison?

    Get over it. Syracuse is back to being a respectable football program. We had 4 awful years under Greg Robinson, that ended in 2009. It’s 2013 and since G-Rob left Syracuse has 2 bowl victories of good opponents.

    Look, I hope Maryland gets back on track. But don’t pull Syracuse back down to where it was for a short time, just because you guys are slumping.

    • TerrapinStationMD

      I think he was probably doing you guys a favor, only using your last five years. because Since 2002, you guys are 51-82. That’s horrendous. Since 2002, the Terps are 67-65. Now granted that’s barely above .500, but it’s a far cry from your record.

      I’m not even suggesting that Syracuse is a bad football team (you guys beat Louisville last year!), but two good seasons out of your last eight isn’t anything to suggest you’re “back”

  • HighSocks21

    This story sort of goes out it’s way to ignore the fact that no one at Syracuse expects to lose to lowly Maryland.

    Or the Big East bowl record the last decade versus that of the “mighty” acc.

    • TerrapinStationMD

      Why would anyone at Syracuse expect that? Honestly I don’t think you guys are going to do all that well based on the fact that you have a big question mark at the position you guys love the most, QB.

      • DC

        QB is the position that Cuse loves the most? Where did you get that from? You remember only Donovan McNabb? Only #44 is retired, and that was worn by some pretty good RBs. Look out for #45 this year as he runs over everyone in the ACC.

  • DC

    2012: WVU 31, Maryland 21. Syracuse 38 WVU 14. Yeah, you guys are SOOO much better than Syracuse. This article is too funny. I can’t wait until Cuse beats the Twerps by 20+ in their own house this year,,,,

    • cosmkdbree

      I remember WVU gals bowing down on their knees at the last Gator Bowl match up. That’s what makes WVU v. Maryland such a good rivalry.

      • cosmkdbree

        Or let me take this another way. Steve Slaton and Owen Schmit both wanted to play for Maryland. Ralph Friedgen turned them away. Probably cost him his job.

    • cosmkdbree

      Maryland had to play WVU in Morgantown. But in general, I agree with you. Maryland v. Syracuse is a bad match-up. No rivalry. Syracuse plays in a dome with no real TV market. This is something Edsall set up as a blast from the past.

    • Chris Bengel

      You have a point in the fact that Syracuse beat WVU and Maryland did not. However, Syracuse played them in a neutral site and maybe not even that neutral since it was at Yankee Stadium. Maryland faced WVU on the road and it was a close affair. I don’t see Maryland losing by multiple touchdowns with Syracuse having no QB. Nassib is the main reason that the Orange had any level of success over the last few years.

      • DC

        Another home game in NYC. Tiresome. WVU is 377 miles from NYC. Syracuse is 247. An entire 130 mile difference between the two. We absolutely crushed WVU, it wasn’t even a game, whereas you guys got beat by 10 and I don’t think it was that close.

        Nassib is the main reason the Orange had any success? What? Our defense has been great the last several years, and is only going to continue to get better.

        We’re going to be fine with QB for the next several years; we have the Oklahoma back up who was a four star coming out of high school coming in this year who sat behind some really talented QB’s. Terrel Hunt will be fine as well.

        Like I said, I cannot wait to beat the Twerps by 20 every year. This article is a complete joke, claiming that MD is so much better than Cuse and that this game is “below” them.

  • cosmkdbree

    First, I wouldn’t term any team in the CAA as “lowly.” It is by far the best division in the FCS and can play with many of the teams that play in bowl games. Second, I generally support Edsall. But that being said, this isn’t the best match-up. WVU is the best non-conference rival game. And I hope they keep that on the schedule. But there’s legislative pressure to keep Towson and Morgan State on the schedule so they can gain added revenue. (Remember when the Virginia legislature held the ACC at ransom to add Virginia Tech?) I’d keep WVU. Temple if you want a gimme. Or, I like the ECU bowl game a few years ago. Delaware draws too.