Terps Commit Gage Shaffer Is Looking Good

The Maryland Terrapins football team got a surprise commitment this summer when 2015 QB Gage Shaffer announced his intention to head to College Park. The 6’7″ slinger from Frankfort High in nearby West Virginia wasn’t a well-known entity prior to his commitment, being ranked a lower three-star by 247sports.com. Shaffer looked like a big kid, but seemed like more of a project at the time than someone who was going to come in and start from day one for the Terps.

Since then, Shaffer’s stock has only gone up as his Frankfort football team has gone 11-0 with him under center and is set to play their regional game against Nicholas County on November 21. Shaffer has been a pretty big reason behind that 11-0 record, but unless you live in West Virginia there’s a good chance you haven’t gotten to see him play yet.

Fortunately, Hudl.com has you covered on that front, as his profile page has been updated with his midseason highlights. We think you’ll be pretty impressed:


Shaffer looks like a player who has improved substantially since we last saw him. He’s still got that 4.9 40-yard dash speed (not too shabby for a really tall guy) and ability to run with the football a bit to create time, but he looks like more of a quarterback. His passes have some serious zip on them, and while he still has a bit of a wind up when he’s about to throw that slows down his release a little, his release point is great. Shaffer does have happy feet, but watch his eyes in the video; he’s always looking downfield and moving the pocket when he feels pressure. It’s a pro, not a con.

And while former Redskins great Joe Theismann has been a proponent in the past of Shaffer, after seeing him a bit more this year he’s even more ready to declare him the “next big thing” for the Terps. That’s high praise coming from a guy whose opinion you should value. Shaffer has already thrown for over 1,700 yards this season, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else he can do on the football field.

Get excited for the Shaffer era, folks. It may be coming sooner than you think.