Maryland Terrapins Basketball Show Off New Unis, Freshmen Class

The Maryland Terrapins men’s basketball team is finally ready to usher in a new era of B1G things to come. New conference, new players, and what exactly would Maryland be without new uni-swag?

Maybe it’s just Jake Layman, but the stealth black uniforms just look sleek. They’re admittedly a lot more understated than previous incarnations, but maybe it’s symbolic. The Terps are definitely trying to stay below-the-radar this year as they enter the Big Ten with a lot of question marks.

A closer look at the unis:

A closer inspection shows that the uniforms are definitely not made of standard material, but they are incredibly good looking. More importantly, they look like they’re made for business; no more gimmicks like Maryland flags or checkered yellow and black.

We also got a look at the newest additions to the Terrapin progeny, and talk about a good looking class:

Maryland’s highest rated recruiting class in years certainly looks ready to rock. From left to right, Jared Nickens, Michal Cekovsky, Melo Trimble, Trayvon Reed, and Dion Wiley. Kinda digging Nickens two-star general tats.

Finally, Maryland gave us a sneak peek of Dez Wells donning his new jersey number:

Wells changed his number this offseason from 32 to 44 in honor of a fallen childhood friend who passed away in a car accident in 2010. Wells never wore 44 before this because at Xavier the number was taken, then when he transferred to Maryland, Shaquille Cleare occupied the jersey. Now, with Cleare transferring, Dez Wells joined in on the massive changes at the university.

Let’s hope Wells can change the whole tournament drought trend that’s going on as well.