ACC Tournament Coming To DC…Once Terps Leave

At this point, no one should really be debating the notion that ACC commish John Swofford is both an evil genius interlaced with Vince McMahon. He’s turned the ACC into even more of a basketball power house, added marquee schools, all while maintaining an in tact conference despite realignment all around him.

For years, Maryland has been clamoring to host the ACC Tournament in their backyard of Washington DC. It’s a heavily North Carolina centric event at the time, and has always been that way. It’s only fitting, then, that John Swofford has decided to host the tournament at the Verizon Center in 2016. Yep, two years after the Terps leave the the ACC, the tournament they’d clamored for will come to town.

Swofford is the king of trolling. You step on his toes and he’s going to get you back tenfold. Gaming the schedule to ensure your toughest games are all on the road, eliminating your rivalries in exchange for Pittsburgh. Swofford knows how to make life akin to eating a mayonnaise and anchovies sandwich. On whole grain.

Maryland fans can’t be too pleased about the obvious slight, as there was no real reason to host the tournament in DC other than to troll Maryland. Well that and maintain a market they once held. And to appease the forever un-quenched thirst of Jim Boeheim.

Regardless, obvious troll is obvious, and Swofford is going at Maryland fans hard on this one.