Maryland Gets Their Mojo Back, Blows Out Wake Again

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After that heart-wrenching loss to Duke, Maryland really needed a team that they could beat with ease. Sure, Longwood is coming up, but directly after the game is preferred. So, from the bottom of our hearts, a big thank you to Wake Forest for being that team.

Patrick Stevens affectionately coined them the Emon Eacons (no D), and that was more than fitting today. While Wake was able to hang in there for a good majority of the game, it was never really a contest and the Terps had one of their best offensive games against an ACC team this year, beating Wake 91-70. The win was the 664th of Gary Williams’ career, tying him with John Wooden for 22nd on the all-time Division I list.

Jordan Williams had another fantastic game, with 27 points (tying a career-high) and 15 rebounds with three blocks, but it was the players around him who showed up. Once again, there wasn’t a single dynamite second scorer that the Terps are hoping to find, but pretty much everyone did their part, especially the freshmen. Hawk Palsson scored a career-high nine points, Pe’Shon Howard was fantastic with nine points and eight assists, and Terrell Stoglin scored five. For the seniors, Adrian Bowie scored 13 points with six assists and five rebounds, Dino Gregory had eight points with six rebounds, and Cliff Tucker scored ten off the bench.

MVPe’ started over Stogs, as I suggested for the Duke game, and it seemed to work very well. They both got significant amounts of playing time, but MVPe’ showed his ball handling and court vision skills from the outset. When they were both on the floor at the same time, the Terps had some of their best runs.

Once again, Sean Mosley was unable to get his scoring touch together, but I guess that’s life. The junior finished with seven points (five of which were scored in complete garbage time), but had four assists and four rebounds.

It must be frustrating for Wake, because it’s obvious they have a lot of talent. C.J. Harris, Travis McKie, J.T. Terrell and Gary Clark are all quality players, and Carson Desrosiers is going to be a force to contend with in the ACC. For some reason, however, they just can’t put it together (blame it on the Bz-bz-bz-bz-bz-bzdelik).

Maryland will take this win, and will be ready for another blowout, playing host to Longwood on Wednesday. The Terps played really well against a bad team, and won by a good margin. No complaints here.