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Dez Wells Suing Xavier For Expulsion

It looks like the Dez Wells-Xavier drama hasn’t yet reached it’s conclusion, as he is now suing the school according to Dan Wetzel of

Wells has filed a federal lawsuit in Cincinnati, Ohio suing both Xavier (the university) and Father Michael Graham (the president of said school) for “emotional damages,” according to the brief. Wells argues that he has suffered a good amount of stress from the heckling on the road and a tarnished name based  on the fact that he was wrongfully expelled from school without a fair trial.

The incident itself stems back from a June 7, 2012 night, where a game of truth or dare between Wells and another student led to an allegation of sexual assault according to the campus police. Unfortunately, the report seemed to be largely unfounded, and before Wells could go get his name cleared by the Grand Jury, Xavier expelled Wells for breaking the code of conduct.

Making the case spectacular is the nature of the case itself. It is very uncommon for a student-athlete to go head-t0-head with the university that expelled him. If prior cases do exist at all, they are few and far between in the history of the NCAA. What makes it even more wild is that the prosecutor originally tasked to the Wells charge is now coming to his defense on the matter.

The only matter that might be tricky is that Wells has admitted to consensual sex, and most Catholic universities tend to have a morality clause in the code of conduct prohibiting such behavior. The distinction as to whether or not the university suspended him over the alleged assault or the sexual indiscretions themselves will likely be a key thing in the trial.

Wells has a lot of ammunition going for him, and if he manages to succeed in his quest to clear his name, it’ll without question give student-athletes one of their first balances of power against schools (and even the NCAA) that preemptively suspend players. Should he win, of course.

Regardless, the developments will be interesting and we’re probably all rooting for Wells to come up with a win here.

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