Maryland Board of Regents Unanimously Vote To Leave ACC

The University of Maryland Board of Regents unanimously voted this morning to leave the ACC and apply for membership to the Big 10 conference. In a move that will certainly not please many alumni and fans who have been ACC lifers there are plenty of good reasons for why this move needed to be made and why this was the appropriate time to cut ties with the conference Maryland was a charter member of.

The news of Maryland’s interest in the Big 10 swept the nation Saturday afternoon after rumblings had been going around the area for the past week that the league was courting the Terrapins again. Since Maryland had been down this road rather recently the rumors were met with skepticism by many but they never went away.

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh held a conference call with the Board of Regents yesterday where he outlined the parameters of the potential deal with the Big 10 conference. As we found out yesterday, this was the first time the majority of the Board had heard anything concrete on a move from the ACC. It was assumed the Board of Regents would clash on whether to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference or not. Apparently, we were all wrong. A unanimous vote was not expected by myself, or any other pundit I would imagine.

This must be one sweet deal if what President Loh laid out for the Board yesterday garnered a unanimous vote this morning. We will have more analysis on this news throughout the day so be sure to check back for our opinions starting with my reasoning why I am all for this move.


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