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Harrison Twins Recruiting Links

Andrew and Aaron Harrison are announcing their collegiate intentions on Thursday, October 4th at 5 PM on, presumably, ESPN. That is nerve wracking news and every source is being scoured to try and decipher who has the edge — Maryland or Kentucky. That’s hard work and not everyone has the time, so at Terrapin Station, we’re going to condense it all for you in the next two days.

On Monday night, the announcement came, but Tuesday is where things really started to get exciting, thanks in large part to Eric Prisbell of USA Today and his Twitter feed.




And finally Here

Fascinating stuff, obviously. It goes to show just how much influence that the Terrapins have gained with the rise in prominence of the Under Armor brand. Obviously that’s not the only factor at play, but it’s an aspect in this recruiting saga (and, for certain, plenty in the future) that cannot be overlooked. If what Prisbell was tweeting and reporting is the truth, and I have no reason to believe it’s not given that it is from Mr. Harrison’s mouth, then the Terrapins have a definite ace in the hole.

Of course, another big thing that comes into play is the fact that Harrison Sr. and Bino Ranson go way, way back. The two have known one another since their younger days, and Harrison Sr. seems like a guy who likes to go with people he knows. Given his comments about Mark Turgeon being one of the biggest class acts that he has ever met, it would appear that the Terrapins have quite a bit on their side. Even if the children want to go to Kentucky, having grown up with a father that served in the military, I can say firsthand that the father is usually going to win out. Not that it won’t disappoint the kids, but nonetheless the kids will go through with it.

Yes, the Harrison twins are a bit of a bigger celebrity than myself (understatement of the year), but family is the ultimate trump card, and Bino is like an uncle to the twins. If that’ the case, you have to like the Terrapins odds even going up against a juggernaut like Coach Cal.

Needless to say, that’s only a snippet of the Twitter Firestorm that has been occurring today, and please do check out here for yet another synopsis on this subject.

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