Danny O'Brien is a Complete Class Act - More Quotes

Pete Volk

Nothing but quotes here, courtesy of D1scourse.

“A lot of people kind of overspeculated — whatever you want to call it. When the news happened, it was shocking. I didn’t do any interviews, but people around me were saying we weren’t going to overact. Before I even decided to come to Maryland, before I signed, my family sat down and said if I’m going to commit here, I’m going to graduate from here. My goal is still to graduate from the University of Maryland and continue to play three more great years no matter which direction we go in. I think I have to kind of assume a leadership role. Whatever decision Kevin Anderson decided to go in, I’m going to support it, because it’s not something I can control.

“With Franklin leaving first, he was a huge reason I came here. He recruited me, obviously. I can’t say enough about how important he was in my develop, because we really saw eye-to-eye from day one on the game of football, life, whatever. … I’m here. I’m here to stay. Whatever we do, I’m behind it.

“I think everything that’s going on, whatever I say or do, I can’t control what’s going to happen, so I have to sit back and see and kind of evaluate things. Today was emotional for me. Being back in the huddle with everyone, practicing and preparing, reminded me of why I came to Maryland and why I love it so much. It was fun just to play football and not worry about all this stuff. That was special today. This is the best day for me in the last two weeks.”

What a mature approach to all of this. So glad he decided to stick around.

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