Terps Dismantle Spartans, As Expected

Pete Volk

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – – Jordan Williams had yet another double-double and Terrell Stoglin had 18 points as Maryland defeated the UNC Greensboro Spartans 99-56 Wednesday night.

Gary Williams stuck with his usual group of starters after rumors of a possible change, and the Terps played a nearly-perfect game. Adrian Bowie scored 16 points with four assists, Cliff Tucker had 13 points with five rebounds and five assists.

Even with Bowie’s resurgent performance, it’s hard to argue that he’s the top point guard on the team. Stoglin continued to be the most explosive Terp on the court, and has shown he can score in a lot of different ways.

Jordan Williams, who finished the game with 23 points and 13 rebounds, led the Terps to a 49-31 halftime lead. Maryland shot only 62.2% from the line, but Williams was 7-11 on free throws. Fellow big men Berend Weijs and James Padgett had great games as well, as Weijs totaled seven points with four blocks and three rebounds and Padgett had six points and nine rebounds.

Maryland also had one of their best games from beyond the arc, hitting six of 14 shots from three. Bowie was 2-3 from three and Tucker was 3-6.

Noticeably absent was Dino Gregory, who scored three points with four rebounds in limited playing time. With the efficient rate at which Maryland’s other players were scoring, it’s understandable that Gregory, one of their last scoring options, didn’t see much of the ball.

Mychal Parker saw the most playing time in his career as a Terp, and took advantage of it. The freshman scored four points with five rebounds and two assists, but missed all three of his free throw attempts.

Overall, the Terps picked the wrong game to go firing on all cylinders. It’s hard to tell how much of this was Maryland and how much was the Spartans’ inadequacy, but they looked very, very good. Play like this against the Temples and the Illinois’ of the world, and you come out with some quality wins.

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